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Working from home is a great option for us. online cards against humanity wholesale The group of friends kept improving the game every chance they got. They collected feedback from their respective college friend groups, and they got more and more methodical about brainstorming questions and answers. I wish all customers on the planet knew how to write a short, efficient email. Include all relevant order information and let us know what your issue is in just two or three sentences. Also, be extra patient around the holidays.

The game itself was simple: answering hypothetical questions in the worst, most hilarious way. The eight friends drafted a few hundred objectionable questions and fill-in-the-blank prompts in a Mead composition notebook. Then, they typed them up into a Word document and printed them out on recycled paper—green for the questions, red for the responses. cheap cards against humanity pack online Just over two weeks into the campaign, on December 16, the project met its goal of $4,000—and kept going.

Help us get to $10,000 in the next ten days, and we'll add ten new cards to the game. cards against humanity science pack clearance Overall, backers seemed to take the change of plans in stride. One backer did post a question in the comments on the update: "Nice packaging, though would you mind confirming the card stock you ended up ordering? I want to check the move to China (?) didn't undo your plans to use FSC certified/recycled stock." Max responded, "I believe we're using the same recycled card stock as before, but I will look into this and get back to you before printing begins."

By the time we actually got into the packing, we basically spent one long weekend—it was probably three or four days of continuous work. And every box, we had to assemble. So the boxes come flat, they have to be folded into box shape. cards against humanity fifth expansion on sale Eventually we settled on a service Amazon offers called FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) because at our $25 MSRP [manufacturer's suggested retail price], they would pay for all of the shipping…We also liked that Amazon would handle all of our customer service issues related to shipping so we didn't have to worry about it.

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