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A chinese lingerie wholesale Victoria's Secret Angel's Valentine's Day Isn't So Different from Ours!

Eating chocolate in your lingerie suppliers china underwear is a pretty good way to pass the time and it seems Victorias Secret Angels (including Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldrige and Candice Swanepoel) agree with us on that count. In this cute video, the lingerie-clad supermodels indulge in treats from the seven-piece Vosges Haut Chocolate collection, which you can get free in Victorias Secret stores with any purchase over $75. And because we wanted more dirt on how an Angel spends Valentines Day, we spoke with the lovely Swanepoel about how she likes to celebrate.


Q: Have you ever had a Corset Manufacturer China bad Valentines Day?A: I have been disappointed before, but I think every girl has been at some point or another.

Q: Lingerie, chocolate or flowers?A: Any of those are great. I like surprises! I do love flowers and chocolates though theyre just a nice, simple treat.

Q: How would a single Angel celebrate Valentines Day?A: I’ve spent it alone before. I like to treat myself to a spa visit! Its relaxing and sometimes its nice to have that quiet time.

Q: Chocolate + prix fixe dinner + wine = possible romance killer. How does one fake a hot bod after all that indulging?A: I think any lingerie from Victorias Secret makes any woman feel and look sexy! One of my favorites is the Very Sexy push-up bra.


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