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Fergie Shows Off sexy lingerie chemise Her Skivvies - and the Results of Her Post-Baby Gym Routine - In a Sexy New Video

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Is that second cup of coffee not giving you the wholesale Plus Size Lingerie jolt you need this morning? Fergies here to change that. The new mom to six-month-old Axl has posted a very sexy video on her Instagram feed, and her post-baby body is breaking all kinds of records (and making us break a sweat).

The singer stripped discount plus size lingerie down to her Calvins for the brands latest social media campaign, which invites different celebrities to share a look at how they wear their undies using the hashtag #mycalvins. Miranda Kerr and Trey Songz have shared scantily clad snaps on Instagram. Fergie, however, posted a full-out video of herself (below) rolling around in the sheets wearing some bombshell waves, classic white undies and … thats about it.

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Boom. #mycalvins

A post shared by Fergie (@fergie) on Feb 21, 2014 at 1:55pm PST

One things for sure: Axl has one hot mom. And one lucky dad: Proud husband Josh Duhamel re-Tweeted the video of his wife in support.

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